First Class

The stewardess leaned down and said we’d like to move you to first class.

I was a mother of three in 1998.  I had a nine-year-old a seven-year-old and a five-year-old.  I was married to a man who is an excellent provider but he had no idea to feed the children breakfast if I wasn’t home.  

It was six a.m., we were at Newark airport for the 7 AM Delta flight to Atlanta.   The check in lady says where is your id?  In my attempt to get everything together for my three children and the husband, I left my wallet at home.  

He is not saying such nice things to me right now while I am pondering a solution.  I call my brother because we do have cell phones in 1998.  My brother lives a block away from me.  

“John ( its 625) I am at Newark airport and I forgot my wallet.  Do you think you could go to my house open up the back door and go get it and bring it to me at terminal A?

Sure, he says cause that is the kind of family I came from.  

I looked at my husband and said I am going to go to the curb and wait for my brother and when they load the plane up, you get on with the kids.  I will make it.  

I go to the curb.  I wait.  “No he is not here yet.”  I wait.  “No he is not here yet.”  


Thank you I exclaim as I run to the screening area.  The whole Mommouth College Baseball Team in Blue and White uniforms is there with there extensive carry on bags.  


Excuse me, I have to make my flight.  Excuse me I have to make my flight. Thank you 

Excuse me, I have to make my flight.  Excuse me I have to make my flight. Thank you Excuse me, I have to make my flight.  Excuse me I have to make my flight. Thank you

 I make it thru ALL of them and the screeners with my wallet and then run, sprint like OJ simpson in a hertz commercial down the airport jet way.  I get to the place where the check in lady, who was a little disgusted with me because I did not have my picture id, is and Announce, “I got it”

She says NO.  

“The plane is closed and you will have to take the eight am.”  

In the meantime, inside the plane, my husband who did not use the phone very well was standing in the aisle in  the front of the plane with his children seated in the very back  telling the stewardess... She is out there.  She is out there.  You’ve got to let her on, she’s out there.  

The lady at the check in desk is not happy with me and has decided to call security.  A gentleman has come up from the tarmac to see what was the problem. Why hasn’t the plane pulled back.   It is clear they do not want to hear from me as I am a bit emotional because my three children who might not get breakfast are on the plane with there dad.  

Let it be said, I got on the plane.

After I got on the plane, I walked the whole aisle to the back of the plane, saying I am so sorry thank you very much I am so sorry thank you very much to the last row.  

I sat down and started breathing heavy since I had no chance to catch my breath from the OJ simpson run.  

The Stewardess leaned over and said, Please get up we would like to move you to first class, All five of you.

All five of us trundled up the aisle before the aircraft pushed back to first class where my kids had breakfast.     314-474-7673      © christa hughes 2019