Reading the Newspaper

This was an extrodinary day.  I began by reading the newspaper for good inspiring stories.  I found a few.  First there

was this artist, Leigh, who moved from NJ twenty years ago to Taos, NM and has been painting there

ever since.  Her art work as you can see here is happy and colorful.  The second was about an 80 year old 

woman who landed their twin engine plane after her husband had a heart attack at the controls and died.  She with 

coaching used her knowledge of having observed his skill and doing some touch and goes 30 years ago, successfully

landed the plane.   It only had one engine working making it even more difficult for most certified pilots.  The 

third article was about a pediatrician who died in Atlanta this week.  She was 114 years old.  That made her 

the oldest MD and the third oldest for long life.  She retired from medicine when she was 103.  She did 

a lot of great work on all MD fronts but most amazing when she went from one family to the other She would  say

"And what little angel have we here."  

So what's to get-- living to 100 is not out of the question, women are doing it for themselves at 80, and Leigh

the artist knows my cousin, Fritz and his wife Tina.  Life is grand.     314-474-7673      © christa hughes 2019