Three  Ways to  do Almost Anything on a Mac

It’s like sex, Richard, If you like this way and I only show you that way, You are out of luck.

There was a gentleman who came to the store regularly to learn how to use his mac book pro like all those I teach each day every day.  This curmudgeon would only work with Kurtis on our team.  Kurtis is a charming, good looking columbian trainer who made a strong connection with Richard.  This relationship worked for the rest of us as long as Kurtis was at work.  

Richard began each session with three statements.  He was old, he had had a stroke and that he took lots of medication.  

These are some of the trivia that we trainers share with each other about the folk we work with.  As reliable as the sun rises in the sky, Richard always says the same thing at each class.

Then one day Kurtis went on vacation.  My boss was quite anxious.  WHO will work with Richard?  Not one hand volunteered to this question.  Since there is a score that is tracked by the company of the competency of the trainer based on random survey, this surely would render you a low score since you were not Kurtis.  

Always up for a challenge, I volunteered.  I am the oldest trainer on the team by a few decades and Richard and I had more in common than he knew.  

Very understatedly, I sat down next to the gentleman and introduced myself.  My name is Christa.  Kurtis is on vacation so I will be working with you today.  No response.  

The statements start:  

Richard:  I am very old.

Me:  So am I

R:  I have had a stroke.

M:So has the man in my house

R:  I take lots of medication

M:  The guy at my house has two full medicine cabinet shelves of medication bottles.

Let the teaching begin.  

I am rolling along answering questions and showing him the processes that will make his computer interactions more productive and less confusing when he asks a question to which I respond,

There are three ways to do almost anything on a Mac.  

Yes this is one of the basics that I as a trainer need to let you as a customer know in your journey to mastery of a mac as well as drag and drop.

Richard, who had not been the most pleasant for the last twenty minutes burst forth angrily, “I don’t want to know the three ways, I want to know the Best way!!”

Yoga has taught me to take a deep breath meet anger or frustration with a quiet demeanor.  In this tone I responded, “It’s like sex, Richard.  If you liked this way and I only showed you that way, you would be out of luck.”

Keith, a fellow trainer to Richard’s left blinked straightened up with a look of aghast and amusement at my words.  

Richard did not yell or object but rather softened.  He seemed to pause and ponder what he had just heard.  When he spoke he said he understood.  Our training session continued with a mild pleasantness which had not existed up until that point.  When it was time to end, Richard surprised me.  He said, He still preferred Kurtis but if Kurtis was unavailable, I was a good second.  

A few months later, Kurtis left our store and I became number one in Richard’s eyes.     314-474-7673      © christa hughes 2019