Tree House Yoga

Tree House Yoga began in a space behind my house.  It grew out of the request by Pam for something more from her yoga than was being offered at her gym.  Even though Pam has moved to another coast, the journey has continued for Tree House yoga.  Tree House Yoga is a small Iyengar inspired studio for five which allows each yogi to practice and continue their own exploration of self.  

Just as you may have when you where young, you can climb into the tree house to connect and discover and share your journey.  In yoga, you do what supports you with the aid of props: pain is not appropriate.  Come join the journey.  Practice at 7am tuesday,wednesday,thursday and saturday, 8am on monday.  Wednesday nights at 7pm is a beginner class.  Where comfy clothes.  Be on time and text or call before you come so that I know I have space for you.   201 - 819- 1778

Other class created on a demand basis.  

© christa hughes 2013